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4-napainen triplavirranotin, 100A
Click-Ductor -järjestelmälle

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The current conduction of the Click-Ductor to the device to be fed is effected through the collector trolley CL7. The contact with the flat copper conductors is maintained uninterruptedly by means of flexible, extreme wear-resistant carbon brushes manufactured from a specific bronze coal-alloy.
The collector trolleys are available for systems with 4, 5 or 7 conductors and suitable for nominal current capacities of 35A, 70A and 100A (DC 60%). Travel speed up to 80m/min. CL7/G collector trolleys are equipped with wear-resistant gliding shoes, perfectly gliding over the surface of the rail housing and performing a very high stability of the collector trolley during moving.

Applicable from -20°C up to +80°C (max. temperature of the Click-Ductor housing is +50°C).